For optimised input savings

FARMSTAR is continuously improving its precision service with its automatic modulation application. Automatic modulation is an increasingly popular technology. It allows farmers to optimise their plot-specific inputs based on the actual needs of the plants and therefore manage their crops as efficiently as possible.

  • 45 € / ha

    potential gain with modulation.

  • Modulation maps

    compatible with all console formats (iso-xml, shape, rds, etc.).

Modulation operation

FARMSTAR offers variations to allow farmers to modulate with or without special modulation equipment.

Automatic modulation

  • • Management with the modulation console.
  • • Using GPS, the console controls the spreader and distribution.

Application map

(in fertiliser quantity)

The farmer selects the equipment and fertiliser type.

By entering the application map into the tractor's console, the console uses its GPS to deliver the right amount of product to the right place in the plot.

Manual modulation

  • From the simplified recommendation map.
  • The farmer manually controls the amounts based on zones.

Recommendation map

The simplified recommendation map (nitrogen or lodging risk) determines the plot's large zones where the farmer will apply more or less product.
The farmer then manually carries out the spreading.

Modulation diagram

Modulation process


The farmer can adjust the recommended amount based on the effectiveness of the previously applied input.

Benefits of modulation

Easier or More Simple

Modulation files are available on FARMSTAR's secure portal. They can simply be downloaded to a USB memory stick or SD card to connect directly to the tractor's on-board console, in the case of automatic modulation (compatible with console formats: shape, ISO-XML, RDS). Tutorials are available online, on FARMSTAR's secure portal.

More economical

Fertiliser inputs adjusted to the plot: studies show an average gain of 3 q/ha.

More ecological

Modulation reduces the risk of pollution to the water table and its streams.

More adaptable

FARMSTAR continuously monitors new formats and new console versions to ensure 100% compatibility with all consoles on the market.

Modulated advice

  • Nitrogen recommendation on rapeseed.
  • Risk of lodging on wheat and barley, 1-2 Nodes. These files will contain only the risks (low, medium or high) and must then be converted by the user into the product amounts on their equipment (not provided in the FARMSTAR application).
  • Supply of nitrogen at the end of wheat bolting.

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